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What is your company's name?

What is your company's website?

What is your name?

{{answer_62628377}} can we also have your phone number just in case?

Does {{answer_62628308}}have a angellist profile page?

Why did you start {{answer_62628308}}

What excites you about solving this problem?
How many co-founders do you have?

What are linkedin profiles of each co-founders?

Have you launched your product? Do you have freemium customers?

When did you launched your product?

What is the problem that you are solving?

How people are solving this problem without your product?

Briefly tell us about your product. If there is a demo video or else, even better!

How many customers do you have?

How did you get your customers?

What are the channels? Social media, 1-1 sales, word-of-mouth etc.
What is your gross margin for each customer?

If you have B2C products, what is the Lifetime Value of the customer
What is your biggest challenge for success?

How much do you earn each month on average?

Have you raised any money or get grants from people or organisations?

How did you hear about Hackquarters? *

Please add your presentation

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